What and why Locky Dock?

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The Locky What?

Secure parking, electric convenience & wayfinding, that’s free for the public — just what’s needed for affordable healthy urban transport.


Locky docks are app activated, 21st Century bike racks with digital way-finding and street media for smart cities.

Using Bikeep technology from Europe, the reinforced steel magnetised docks have reported zero thefts with over 1 million bikes parked in docks throughout Europe, North America and West Auckland. It’s secure parking to give e.bike owners confidence and convenience.


Racks currently in use by our partners across Europe & USA

1 Million

Bikes parked securely


Bike thefts in the last 5 years

The public broadcasting and advertising media subsidises the costs of the Locky Docks so that they are free to both the public and property owners. This is a world leading innovation and essential infrastructure for making healthy transport accessible, affordable and cool, for everyday kiwis.

There are two main barriers car drivers frequently mention when considering switching their daily commute to e.bike: 1. fears of theft and 2. riding on roads. Locky Docks help solve both these problems with 1. toughened steel locking arm & CCTV camera; and 2. bikepath maps on the digital screens — thus creating much needed awareness of the new bike path infrastructure built by councils and NZTA. Locky Dock infrastructure gives the bike paths visibility to non-bikers, and gives certainty and convenience to normalise electric biking.

For Property Owners

Convenient, preferential secure parking for your tenants, customers, students or staff. If you would like to join the network, and have a site you think would suit our media model, definitely get in touch with us. We’d love to hear.

Let’s face it, car parks are a cost sink. With secure Locky Docks you can free up car parks for space to deliver a better return: commercially, community or both.

Increased Revenue for Retailers

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1 carpark delivers


for retailers

Illustration six bikes

or bike parking delivers


for retailers

Universtiy of Melbourne Study (2008)

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Science and Validation

Scientific Consensus Clearly Links Cycling with Happiness, Immunity and Wellbeing.

Supportive Infrastructure Linked with Increased Uptake

It is widely recognised that a supportive built environment may be needed to promote walking and cycling and to achieve an enduring increase in activity at the population level.

New Walking and Cycling Routes and Increased Physical Activity: One- and 2-Year Findings From the UK iConnect Study.

Successful promotion of city cycling depends on coordinating infrastructure, programs, and government policies.

City Cycling. Cambridge, MA: Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT Press.

Significant Events Linked with Attitude Shifts and Behaviour Change

The Covid-19 Pandemic represents an unprecedented event in modern society. However research suggests that significant life events may present powerful “windows of opportunity,” when persons are more susceptible to change, and that planners can leverage such windows to to encourage behaviour change.

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