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Locky Dock Media Network

The double sided digital screen on each Locky Dock forms the digital outdoor media network.

High profile sites in central city locations enable a broadcast channel for public service announcements and advertising. The exciting thing is it’s a whole new broadcast channel for messages and announcements, in what we call, street-time.

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High profile sites

Pedestrian areas with high dwell time and central city commuter routes

Part of daily routines

Commuting, shopping, socialising


With new technology making this now possible in outdoor

Good vibes

Brand association with the values akin to healthy lifestyles, carbon zero transport and innovation

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Media with a Purpose

For brands today, where you’re seen is as important as what you say. Globally, cycling and micro-mobility, have been experiencing massive growth. With the outbreak of Covid-19, this has increased dramatically through social distancing and citizens preferring to ride than use pubic transport.

Biking is the smarter, healthier, transport option. Significantly, it’s also the more affordable and carbon zero, urban transport choice. Every biker enjoys a new spirit of freedom in their urban environment.

Brands advertising in the Locky Dock Network benefit from the positive glow that the new lifestyle offers. It’s important to note, the main audience for Locky Dock media are not people on bikes, but rather, everyday kiwis in their daily routines of commuting, shopping and socialising. Locky Docks are positioned on premium sites with high foot traffic, high dwell time and or, busy commuter routes.

Locky Dock Media Kaupapa

We say no to fossil fuel industry advertising (electric cars are ok!)

We dedicate 40% of screen time to healthy transport behaviour change content

We believe in rewarding attention with entertaining and useful content

We say no guns or hate speech in advertising

We love local content that pops!

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Have a safe journey

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