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What kind of bikes can park in a Locky Dock?

You can park any kind of bike whether it’s a BMX, Raleigh 20, cruiser, skateboard, or e.scooter. Basically anything that has a loop so the bar can go through.

How do I charge my, scooter or skateboard?

When you open the swing arm on the dock there is a door on the side of the dock you can open. This is the door with the Mercury brand on it. Inside the door is a standard NZ 230 V 3-pin socket for your charger. It’s BYO charger, so don’t forget to pack yours. Charging is free.

What happens if my phone battery dies?

Borrow a phone and call our hotline 0800 115599. There’ll be a couple of security security questions to confirm you’re the biker you say you are; then, we can unlock it remotely. Easy as.

Do the racks work properly in the harsh weather conditions?

They’re made in Northern Europe. Have you seen the snow there!

What if the docks get busted into?

Every Locky Dock has a CCTV camera and an alarm. If anything uncool happens, we’ll know about it. Also if there are, for any reason, faults on the docks we can see these remotely on our server and restart the station remotely.

How do I request for a Locky Dock for a new site?

Drop us a line to We’d love to hear any ideas to extend the network.

How does my public transport card work with the Locky Dock?

Public transport cards allow one-touch locking and unlocking: Place your bike or scooter in the LOCKY DOCK so the reinforced steel locking arm is through the frame (if charging, plug in first — the arm secures the charging locker as well). Tap the public transport card to lock it. One tap will unlock it when you return. Chargers are Bring Your Own — there are many different kinds, and plugging in the wrong charger can blow the battery!

Will my public transport card be charged to use the Locky Docks?

No, the LOCKY DOCK is always completely FREE to use, so nothing will be charged to your public transport card.

Is my personal public transport card information shared with a third party?

No, if your public transport card is registered, the information you have provided will not be shared when you used a LOCKY DOCK.

What happens if my public transport card doesn’t work?

Easy: Use our app. If you locked your bike by public transport card but can’t unlock it again – call our hotline 0800 115599, give your public transport card number, and we can unlock it remotely.

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